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Rock Indian Mountain was owned by Joseph Cobell. It is located on his Rock Creek military stagecoach station in Wolf Creek, Montana, now called the Dearborn Ranch.

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About Us

The Worst Mass Shooting in Montana and

U.S. History:

217 souls including 50 children, plus another 140 wounded were captured and then released into a blizzard. They were mostly never accounted for (357 possibly died). Dozens more were lost in Mountain Chief's camp reaching possibly 500 souls in all who perished as a result of the attack.

Joseph Cobell is a
Montana Cowboy Hall-of-Famer.
Mountain Chief Jr. is standing on the far left. He was also known as Frank Mountain Chief, Big Brave, and Black Weasel.
There are no photos of his father who was the original Mountain Chief  wanted by the U. S. Calvary in 1870. The original Mountain Chief died two years later, and is buried at the  Choteau, Montana, Teton Old Indian Agency Blackfeet burial ground.
Joseph Cobell is seated next to his wife Mary Owl Child who was his second and last wife. 
Mary and Joseph had 18 children.

Gentle and loving photographer Walter McClintock readys a Blackfeet child for a photo. The photo on the right of two Blackfeet children is also by McClintock.

Our Vision

Joseph Cobell Memorial Recreation Area


  • World-Class fishing in pristine Montana waters in Lake Elwell and the Marias River with currently heavily stocked fish, marina, bait, boating docks, and boat rentals.

  • Provide employment and wholesome recreation for Native American Indians and their cowboy neighbors.

  • Cowboy Dance Hall, alcohol-free, for youth and adults.

  • Montana "Cowboy & Indian" Cuisine restaurant.

  • State-of-the-Art water obstacle course placed away from the fishing areas.

  • Guided luxury bus tours to the breathtaking massacre site.

  • Full-service RV campgrounds, cabins, and teepee rentals.


Donors will have their name engraved on a monument and will receive a certificate of Induction into one of the following clubs.

$20-50                   Montana Lynx

$50-100                 Montana Bald Eagle

$101-200               Montana Mountain Lion

$201-500               Montana Big Horn Sheep

$501-1,000            Glacier Park Grizzly Bear

$1,001-5,000         Montana Buffalo

$5,001-10,000       Mountain Chief Scout

$10,001-999,999   Mountain Chief Warrior

above $1,000,000 Membership in all 8 clubs.

MBA-IT Management.
Graduate of Blackfeet High School and Montana State University.
Registered Nurse.
Enrolled member of the
Blackfeet tribe.
Rhonda and her husband are Montana cattle ranchers. She is employed at the Blackfeet Community Hospital.
Enrolled member of the
Blackfeet tribe.
Shannon is the director of Human Resources at the Blackfeet Community College.
Enrolled member of the
Blackfeet tribe.

Learn what really happened to Glacier National Park's 50 Blackfeet children!


Mission Statement

     The mission of the Rock Indian Foundation is to provide wholesome recreational resources to the youth of the Blackfeet tribe to bond together as one, big, cohesive family.  It will give them a sense of belonging that will develop their resiliency to achieve success in life.